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Happy December friends! What a year! What a really, really full year! This post is one I look forward to every year as my photography season ends! My year in review! A flashback on the past year to reminisce, reflect and feel recharged for the new year ahead! And this year. it’s going to be a FOUR part series! There was so much I wanted to share, one blog post wasn’t going to cut it!

I wanted to start this series off with what was such a BIG part of my year, my wedding season! But I had to break it down even further and share just the colored wedding portraits this round or we would have been here for days! 🙂

My first year full time and my first year full time wedding photographer! It was a BIG transition for me going from being able to only take on 4-6 weddings every year to 15 beautiful weddings!

It started in February and went through to November. I had my first double header wedding weekend too! That was a shock to the body! 😉

I got to visit so many new venues and return to favorites as well! And I made so many new friendors this season as well! It’s so important to build community when you work from home! This can be a lonely job if you don’t build friendships with those who get it!

The weather this year was a WIDE range! We had freezing cold, tons of rain and only a handful of sunshiney days! There was a long time I wasn’t sure I’d see the sun again on a wedding day!

I had weddings with no bridal party to 15 members on each side!! Every wedding was SO different and unique and I loved each and every one I had the priviledge of documenting! They were truly all so perfect and special. I don’t know how I get so lucky to be asked to come to these special days, honestly!

My favorite part to every wedding still is and will always be when ya serve the cake, if I’m being honest! LOL! 🙂 I don’t even want to guess the amount of pounds I put on this year from dessert tables alone! 😉

It was such a beautiful year of weddings. I have so many favorites but I chose to only pick my top 5 favorites from each wedding which is NOT an easy task to do! But I had to draw a line somewhere and really narrow down to my portraits that I said to myself, “I took that?!

2019 served me well. I met so many amazing couples. Spent so much precious time as their shadow on their wedding day, feeling all the emotions they were and getting the best seat on watching their day unfold. So many I have laughed with you, cheered you on, cried tears of joy and hugged during the hard moments too. It’s a wedding season I will not forget and I miss each one of my couples already!! But 2020, here I come!! 🙂

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