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I’m back for round two of my year in review and this time I am sharing all my favorite black and white portraits from my weddings this year!!

I felt like the back and and white portraits needed a separate blog post of their own. Despite being a light and airy photographer, I’m 100% always drawn to black and white portraits over color every. single. time! Maybe it’s because I started taking pictures and loving the art of photography with a black and white film camera or maybe I can just feel the emotions so much more in a black and white photo – either way, they make my heart pitter patter.

As I looked back from each wedding, I have been thinking about what my goals for weddings in 2020 will be. What do I really want to focus on next season? Bridal party posing? Sunset portraits? Getting ready portraits? I’m still thinking this one through and I’m sure what I’ll hope to be focusing on will find it’s way to me before I know it!

These black and white portraits are my absolute favorite part to every gallery. If you come in my home, 95% of all the pictures I have printed are in black and white! I swear they just call my name! 😉

Sharing each of these portraits, I can’t help but think of how treasured they will one day be to the generations to come after them. If you’ve been around here for a while, you will know I’ve often talked about my great grandparents wedding picture I have hanging up next to my desk as I work. Their wedding picture is a simple black and white photo taken in what I believe to be their yard with my grandma in a below the knee white dress with a flower corsage on top and my grandpa wearing dress pants and a button up shirt and sleeves rolled up just a little. It’s nothing fancy, but golly that picture means so much to me. Just a tiny reason why I love photographing weddings so much! All because of that picture!!

If you’re still here, thank you for enjoying and browsing through these portraits! Loving them even the way I do! It’s such a joy and honor to be able to share these portraits with all who stop by my blog!

When I put together the final wedding gallery to send to my clients, I fully hope that these portraits are treasured by more than just my couple. I hope that one day their children, grandchildren and maybe even great grandchildren will pick up that wedding portrait and hold it close to their heart.

Thanks for sticking around and reading all the way through! If you haven’t already, be sure to pop over to part one of my year in review, four part series and check out these weddings and my favorite colored portraits from their big day! 🙂 Then come back next week and see all about part three!!

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