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I’ve been working on creating a post now that wedding season is upon us (even though it may look a little different than years past!) for the perfect wedding gifts for newlywed couples! I wanted to enhance the typical Crate & Barrel – Bed, Bath & Beyond – Pottery Barn wedding registry lists! 🙂

Maybe you totally love buying exactly what the couple wants right off of their wedding registry – and that is great! You know for sure they are going to love your gift! Or maybe, you are more like me and like to buy a surprise gift that’s not on the registry! I’m totally that way! I love making a gift basket full of multiple things if I can when giving a gift, (I get this from my mama!) or just something that is so totally unique and their couple personality, I would hope no one else gifts them the same thing! 😉

So – I rounded up a list of a few favorite things from big name stores, websites & small business owners too, because hey – long live small business!! Enjoy & happy shopping!

  1. Monogrammed Cheese Board

I had the joy of photographing Meg Morrow Fine Paper’s home collection last year and fell in love with every single monogrammed piece! Every piece was such high quality & even more gorgeous in person! I especially loved the cutting board and lazy susan! How perfect would this gift be for a newlywed couple in your life with their last name initial along with some cheese & wine to pair with?! You can find Meg’s home collection HERE!

2. A Wooden Monogram Sign

I am starting to smell a bit of a theme here! 🙂 I love monograms and as a past bride myself – I remember, loving having my new initials on anything and everything just so I could share that I was a new wife! I actually received a wooden monogram when Nick and I got married from a great family friend and it is still to this day, one of my favorite gifts! You can find one just like it HERE!

3. A Calligraphy Address Stamp

The newlywed couple is going to have a lot of thank you’s to write after the wedding day – so helping them out with an address stamp with their names together would be super cute! This will not only be handy, they will probably really cherish it too! Obviously this one is going to only be a good idea if the couple is in a home they plan to be in for a while! If you aren’t sure if their current home is going to be where they stay, you could always purchase a gift card for them and they can finish their purchase when they are permanently cozy! 🙂 I fell in love with this one HERE!

4. Custom Watercolor Venue Portrait

This is a fun, artsy gift that I am tad bit obsessed with! Once you have received your invitation in the mail to see just exactly where the couple will be hosting their wedding day festivities, you could order a custom watercolor portrait! I could think of a few venues I would LOVE to have a watercolor portrait of – even if I didn’t get married there! Ha! This one HERE is stunning!

5. Personalized Honeymoon Gift Basket

Nick and I received a honeymoon gift from my maid of honor and it was such an awesome gift! It was a beach bag with two beach chairs inside and more goodies! It was so perfect for our South Carolina honeymoon and something we didn’t even think to pack ourselves! This could obviously be personalized to whatever place the newlyweds are heading to – it could even be a basket to take for their road trip in the car, a beach bag filled with goodies..the list is endless here! I’m sharing the cutest mint colored beach chairs HERE and THESE super stylish ones in case you need some for your gift! 🙂

I hope this post helped you in any wedding gift shopping you may have had on your to-do list! I actually just made a wedding gift purchase this week from this list! And I just may buy an extra one for myself because I’m kind of jealous now! 😉 Happy Wedding Shopping!

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