Hey, I'm Britt! I'm a marriage & motherhood photographer located along Lake Erie in Ohio! A mama, wife and sweet tea connoisseur who loves her clients, do-it-yourself projects and the south. Thanks for popping in!


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baby maeve – in home newborn session

I’m going to take this session as a sign of how AWESOME my year is going to go. I had the pleasure of photographing little baby Maeve this past week at 12 days old! This little sweetie was born on New Year’s Day! But the greatest thing of all – she is my FIRST newborn girl I’ve ever gotten the joy of photographing! Four years & I’ve snuggled nothing but boys over here (I think I should have taken that as my sign that I was going to have a little guy myself! 😉 ) It was nothing but rain and dark clouds during this little one’s in home session, but we made the best of it and got some darling shots of her! She was so alert and stayed awake the whole time. (Her mama told me she later fell asleep after I left for hours! (That’s usually how it goes! 😉 )  She sure was a doll to snuggle and photograph!





 (She tricked me here ^. I thought she had finally fell asleep – but then those bright eyes shot back open & then this happened below!)


 And I’m saving my absolute favorite for last – just the sweetest.

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