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It was a perfect day for Chip & Jill’s wedding, you truly couldn’t have asked for better weather! Lower 70’s, sunshine and a slight breeze coming from the lake, it was a dream!

Chip & Jill celebrated their wedding at St. Raphael’s Church in Bay Village where Chip’s family has always attended. The night ended at Arrabitta’s, an Italian restaurant near by that has hosted many celebrations for his family, so this location was a no brainer when choosing where they would celebrate this sweet occasion with their family alongside them!

They met at work and fell in love quickly! When Chip proposed in December, they planned to marry just five short months later and I applaud them for being able to throw such a lovely affair so fast! (This is coming from a gal who took a year and a half to plan!) 😉

Their wedding day was very intimate and just immediate family and close friends were in attendance. And this was the first time in nine years all six of Chip’s siblings (7 counting him!) have all been together at the same time!! I have had the pleasure of knowing a few of his siblings already but they were such a fun group when together, I could only imagine how fun it was growing up in that house!!

There were a few things that stuck out to me about Chip & Jill’s day that I just loved. The first being how Jill’s maid of honor, Megan (one of Chip’s sisters), her mama & dad all helped get her into her wedding dress! I don’t believe it was planned to happen that way but it was a moment full of tons of laughs (you’ll see below!!) and Jill was so easy going and just went with the flow and I loved that so much!

Another thing I noticed was how BIG Chip would smile looking at his bride!! His smile was from ear to ear seeing Jill walk down the aisle to him!! Oh, it made your heart just swell!!! Jill made Chip so happy and vice versa!

Lastly, the speeches at dinner – full of tearful & joyful words from both the maid of honor and best man, I teared up myself listening to the speeches!!

The sweet desserts at the end of the night we’re the icing on the cake to an already amazing day! ☺️ I had to *really* use my self control when walking past the desserts table, my mama and I are already planning a day to zoom back over there for some more delicious-ness!!

Jill & Chip, thank you so much for letting me document this special day for you!! I wish you both many, many years of more love & laughter!! ❤️

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