Hey, I'm Britt! I'm a marriage & motherhood photographer located along Lake Erie in Ohio! A mama, wife and sweet tea connoisseur who loves her clients, do-it-yourself projects and the south. Thanks for popping in!


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Dana & Kyle’s wedding was very special, so I was very nervous & very determined to photograph it in the way they needed me to. Kyle’s father was recently diagnosed with brain cancer this past summer. He has spent his time in and out of the hospital fighting very hard. This sweet couple moved up their wedding day so that Mr. Nimon would be there in attendance and witness these two commit their love to one another. Their wedding day was so emotional and raw & from the bottom of my heart, Nimon family, honored doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel knowing you have chosen me to capture this beautiful occasion.

I met with Dana, her mama and aunt at the hotel suite to photograph her getting ready. It was so calm and sweet, it was just perfect. It was drizzling outside but nothing was going to bring the mood down for this sweet bride. Dana had two wedding gowns and I just loved them both so much! But my favorite accessory of hers was her pink shaw. It was the perfect piece to add to her day for their fall wedding.

After their heartfelt ceremony, in a barn with candles leading Dana down the aisle to Kyle, I got to spend time with just Dana & Kyle for their first moments as husband and wife. They chose to just have it them instead of having a bridal party & it made the day that much more intimate.

We ventured around finding all the colors of fall as much as we could and my did we find the perfect yellow tree! Right behind a bank! And while the yellow tree was certainly gorgeous, for those who have been following me for a while know that I just love the color pink! (I usually tell new clients who have never met me : look for the girl with the pink boots!) 🙂 So right next door to their reception was a new store in town (that I have now been frequently running to!) that was pink all outside! It was so cute and darling, I was a little jealous my wedding portraits were not there! 🙂

I have got to spend more time with the Nimon family these past few months, (Kyle’s sister is also a magnolia bride!) and I am so blessed that I have gotten to know them all better and more than just beyond their wedding day. They are all full of love, kindness and strength. Dana & Kyle, congratulations to you both! Wishing you both many beautiful & happy years together. <3

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