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February Recap & March Goals

I think February lasted two weeks! Or it at least feels that way! Maybe because January felt like it took SO long so February just came and went in a flash to me. But it was a really good and fulfilling month! And as I promised myself back in January, I was going to show up each month to share a personal post and so – here I am!

Here is a quick recap of my February goals!

February Monthly Goals:
– Complete month two of Nancy Ray’s Contentment Challenge! (Completed! It is so amazing how every day with this challenge, it gets easier and I gain so much without buying a single thing!
– Date night with Nick! (Completed! So thankful for that, it has been too long!!)
– Complete Branding Workflow Templates! (Making progress!)
Enjoy & love my people on Valentine’s Day! (Completed!)
– Plan & host an oil class!
– Photograph branding guide photos! (Making progress!)

February Weekly Goals:
– Meal plan! (Completed!)
– Liam’s workbooks!
– Post-it Notes & Happy Mail!
– Music in the house! (Making progress!)
– Weekend free from social media!

February Daily Habits:
– Water! (Completed!)
– Nightly tiding up! (Completed!)
– 6,000 steps!
– 30 Day workout challenge! (Completed!)

Now moving onto March! I decided last month that I wanted to make my goals into quarterly goals. I have my list of big picture or 2020 goals that are in a way specific but very vague. I am keeping it that way because choosing specific yearly goals overwhelms me. So having goals that I can strive to accomplish in three months and then change those goals after three months makes me much more chill! This month I went a little heavy on the goals BUT I also removed a lot of goals from the previous month to work on at a later date! Some things just need more time to be worked on and right now I can’t dedicate the time it needs!

So here is my March!

Monthly Goals:
– Complete my third and final month of the contentment challenge! This accomplishment is something I am so thrilled to say “I did it!!”
– Launch my website refresh! Nothing wild but I have been updating my website with updated portraits and some new info and I need an end date or I’ll keep pushing it off!
– Pay the last remaining balance on our Disney trip! We are SO excited!
– Participate in Lent! I gave up all social media on the weekends and adding in Bible study with friends twice a month!
– Have one “me” Monday! Just one day to myself is all I need!
– Have a date night with Nick!
– Have a day date with Liam!
– Make quarter two goals! I kind of have an idea of what I’d like to work on April – June but I also am kind of excited to not really have a plan yet in sight! – Plan Magnolia minis!
– Research $1,000 extra monthly income ideas! We have recently started to really get interested in going debt free and following Dave Ramsey. A suggestion he has is getting a second or third job for just a period of time to help pay down some debt!

Weekly Goals:
– Have a sabbatical Sunday! I’m hoping to make it happen on Sundays but I have to be realistic & know our schedules can’t always accommodate this. So I’m also open to other days of the week too!
– Meal plan on Sundays!
– Play music in the house!
– Do Liam’s workbooks on Tuesdays! I’m hoping by picking a date, it will just fall into a routine with us!

Daily Habits:
– Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday workouts! I completed the 30 day workout challenge last month and want to continue but it was a challenge getting them done every day. Hoping for just four days a week!
– Nightly tidy up!
– Water!
– 2 grateful things! I’m currently reading “Love your life, not theirs” by Rachel Cruze and she mentioned that she does this and I could use something like this in my life!

I am looking so forward to the month of March. I’m ready for spring, warmer weather, thinking about planting flowers, getting closer to our Disney trip and just being outside more often! I know we will have some snow still this month but we are just one month closer to spring and that makes me super happy!

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