Hey, I'm Britt! I'm a marriage & motherhood photographer located along Lake Erie in Ohio! A mama, wife and sweet tea connoisseur who loves her clients, do-it-yourself projects and the south. Thanks for popping in!


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kelly – mama and me session

I’m so much farther behind on my blogging than I’d like to admit! I have been working a lot on switching over website & blog platforms and have been trying to catch this blog up with all my past blog posts so I don’t lose them. And that my friend has been a twitch in my eye to say the least! 😉


After countless, not so lovely weather reschedules, I got to photograph my cousin Kelly & Remi for their mama and me session! Remi is two years old and oh my, it was the sweetest to see her and she said, “Hi Britt-any! Do you like my sparkly shoes?” Well I’ll be, I certainly wasn’t expecting that to come out but it was so cute!!


I took them to my mama and me spot praying that it wasn’t going to be a slippery, muddy mess and we were so lucky after days & days & days of rain, it was all harden again. The sunset was beautiful and watching Kelly & Remi together was as beautiful of a sight! Remi sure loves her mama!! I had such a wonderful time with them both and I know if Liam would have known I seen her and he wasn’t around – yikes! 😉


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