Hey, I'm Britt! I'm a marriage & motherhood photographer located along Lake Erie in Ohio! A mama, wife and sweet tea connoisseur who loves her clients, do-it-yourself projects and the south. Thanks for popping in!


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You know those stories that you read online every now and then, where a bride and groom are looking through photos to share at their wedding day and they come across a picture where one of them is in the background and they were on vacation in the same place at the same time years ago and never knew each other? I always like to joke that this my friend, Taylor & I’s story of our friendship. Nineteen years ago, in a church, two little girls were standing side by side, in white dresses making their first communion. Little did they know, five years after that, they would become great friends who would watch Laguna Beach on MTV every Thursday together, cover their faces in blue eyeshadow to walk the neighborhood, pretend they were locked in the freezers at Sam’s Club (LOL, oh my!) or teach the other one how to shave their legs. Those days seem so long ago, since now we are talking house finishes and how to decorate a wedding.

I was so excited for Taylor & Greg when they announced they were in engaged! But I was *even more excited* when  she asked me to photograph their engagement session! (ALL THE HAPPY TEARS!) I couldn’t wait, I was so honored and did I mention, I couldn’t wait?! 🙂

We started their session being surrounded by sunflowers and 90 degree weather. But there was a perfect breeze in the air that didn’t make it feel hot. And the sunset y’all. There was no words for how beautiful it was! We ended the session in Avon Lake, on the beach and the water was crystal clear, which is not the norm for around here! But it was all meant to be!

Taylor – I can not wait to see you on your wedding day! You will make one of the most stunning brides!

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