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Most of my couples try to stay away from winter portraits because everything can feel so “dead” and not lively if we can not promise there will be snow on the ground! (And here in Ohio, we certainly can not bank on that!!) So maybe you need to do some winter portraits for your engagement session and you want more than just some dead trees and not very green grass in your background! Today I am sharing four portrait location ideas for winter portrait locations that are lively & beautiful even without the snow!

Location One: Indoors (A Home, A Coffee Shop)

If it is going to be extremely chilly on the day of your session, you may want to bring it indoors! You can make it really cozy with some cute mugs & cozy blankets to snuggle under! My sweet couple Niki & Conor took their engagement session indoors at a local coffee shop and their portraits were some of the absolute cutest!!

Location Two: Near Greenery (Evergreen Trees, Rhododendron Bushes)

This might sound a little obvious and a little questionable for the winter time, but finding some greenery in the winter time can bring some color to your portraits! Here’s a few of my favorite sessions from WINTER sessions in front of some green spots! You’d almost never know right?!

Location Three: BIG, WIDE Open Spaces 

Another idea is to choose a spot that has plenty of space, far away trees and a very simple background! Finding a large park or wild, country field is best for this! And these can make for some pretty amazing portraits!! Especially if you have a bold color on!

Location Four: In Front of Buildings (Barns, Museums, Cute Shops)

Having a large building in the background can really fool the eye into not thinking the season is winter! (Aside from your attire!) Taking portraits in front of large buildings with no ‘nature’ in the background can really help make your winter season more fun & lively!


Bonus Location Idea: Just fly us somewhere warm, I promise I wouldn’t mind!! 🙂

I hope this post has been useful to you and inspired you to not be so against winter sessions, even without the snow!

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